That feeling of walking down the stairs of your childhood home. The sound of the radio and the kitchen exhaust hood turned on and fill the entire home. The smell of buns baking in the oven and the feeling of the sun that has warmed up the living room. The cat meowing you "good morning, please feed me” and the dogs jumping up when you open the hallway door. 

I only moved out 2,5 years ago, but the feeling of coming home is still magical. It brings back memories from when I was young and unaware and makes the stay at my parent's house still feel like the safest place on earth. When I was little, I never thought I could ever move out. I was the little girl who was afraid of everything and would never do sleepovers or go on longer school trips cause of homesickness. I still remember having to stop being a scout because I was too homesick to go to the scout camps. I was 6-8 years old and I tried to go, every time there was a camp. But ended up the first night to call my parents to be picked up. 

Then when I became a teenager I got a boyfriend who lived 3 hours away and I had to decide whether I wanted to spend time with him or be at home in my safe bubble. I chose my boyfriend and then my homesickness just vanished!

I still call my parents almost every day. Just to have a chat or have the comfort of having someone on your side when the world is treating you unfairly. After all, one of the best things about your parents is, that you will always be their child.