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It can be really hard for me to show people my work. I have this unhealthy perfectionist mind that doesn't allow me to be satisfied with anything unless it is exactly what I have imagined. I am also a bit scared about showing unfinished projects as it is easy to change my mind and therefore I am scared to get other peoples opinions.

What I mean is that I want to apologise for not having shown any projects from my first term of uni. I have, firstly, been super busy and also I am not yet satisfied with the products I have produced and the ones I haven’t quite yet finished. We are starting a new project on Tuesday. It is a ceramics project where we will be mass producing our product by doing slipcasting.

These are the things we will be doing: 

Task one: You must observe and record your own use of ceramic products at various times during your daily routines. This could be the morning, lunchtime and the evening. Consider whether there are any ‘rituals’ that you employ, perhaps when cracking an egg in an eggcup at breakfast, squeezing a teabag on the side of your cup at lunchtime or turning on a bedside lamp to read in the evening. You must present a selection of at least 10 observational studies of these domestic rituals. These could be sketches or photographs and they should be presented for assessment in your Design Process Notebook.

You will need to choose one product type from this list:
Lighting, Kitchen Storage, Tableware, Kitchen Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Stationary Storage, Vases.  

• A Full-Size Master Model: Made with care and accuracy, this model represents your design intent features and details.
• Plaster Mould and final Slip Cast Product: Your final manufactured design complete with secondary materials and mould.
• Record of the Process.To capture the research, development of ideas, design & manufacturing “process” you are required to submit your design notebook or sketches and images that capture the process, the final product in context and in a neutral background once the object is fire & Glazed.
• Printed picture of the final product in context. Your final manufactured design in a specific context.

1- One week for slip casting and mould making demo’s research and idea generation
2- One week for experimental model making demo and concept development.
3- One week for design and model making.
4- One week for moulding Making and drying.
5- One week for slip casting & Assessment


This is the first project we do individually which I am very excited about. I am sure I will be somewhat satisfied with this!