In the endlessness of the internet I stumbled across my old blog. And found one of my favourite blogposts. “Jeg går gennem natten med en rigtig levende dreng i hånden, snurrende fuld af øl og noget, der ligner lykke.” which translated to english sounds a little like this: “ i am walking through the night with a real living boy in my hand, spinningly drunk on beer and something that feels like happiness”

I remember when I started the first blog of mine. It was on a platform the national broadcaster of Denmark had made as a part of their website, back in 2009. It was mostly a debate platform where you could blog about your thoughts, so it instantly made everyone write about things that were important to them.

 I wrote about my every day life. Really the thoughts of a confused teenager living at home and I wanted to open myself up to the public. To inspire and to have something to look back on. I didn’t blog because of followers, but because I wanted to reflect and debate stuff.

It closed in 2010. I had about 1 year of fun on the website and then I seeked out to “blogger” instead. There wasn’t the same community, or there wasn’t any really. So after having a blog on blogspot, with 300 followers, I got a blog on tumblr and could start the whole process again. There was a lot of communication and debating and I started finding friends with quirky and cool sides to them. They were open about their flaws and it made them deeper and more interesting. I showed my quirkiness and flaws and talked with some great people, and best of all was that I could be myself. which was exactly what I needed and those friends I found on tumblr I still have in my life today. One of them I call my boyfriend to this day.

One thing I have always been drawn to is the quirkiness in all the people I meet. The weird little things that makes them who they are. Be it their past, the present or their future. Their outbursts, just a second of quirkiness, that you most probably only see when you have known them for a bit. But in the odd time see at first. 

So here I am, with a blog fresh and clean that is filled with material things, which is some of the things I really love. I know if I didn’t care so much about aesthetically pleasing and superficial stuff I would go mad. Everything in my head would become too much. I could never become a therapist or doctor or something that actually would mean something very important. The everlasting worry would take over and everything would be too serious. So it is good that I see myself creating and designing products in the future and focusing on just being a nice and good human being instead.

I am trying to make this blog a bit like my previous blogs though. A bit about my quirkiness as well. As that is what I look for in people, so that is what I want to show you.