Monday was the start of a busy working week so I treated myself to a slow morning with green tea, no bra and a yummy breakfast. I also did an insta story of me making breakfast. You all seem to like these kinds a lot!  


The only windows I have seen this week. My windows at home and the windows at work.  


I have been drinking a load of coffee this week. I find it very hard to sleep these days (to many things going on in my head) so coffee does wonders because I don't have them regularly otherwise. A little cuppa in my lunch break and a sniff of fresh air before greeting and helping costumers again.

Good eyebrow day (those days need to be appreciated more!!) and a good breakfast day. Here toasted sourdough with Schwarzwälder ham, avocado, tomato and olive oil. YUM! 


Finally buying the piece of the jewellery that represents me the most; the emoji pendant by fredesblog, one of my favourite danish bloggers. Get it HERE


Having 2 dinner dates with my friend in the same week, making a yummy thai dish the second night and waking up before your boyfriend to keep the door closed so I don't wake him up.

Hope you like this new addition to the blog I am planning on making these every sunday to round up my week!