My days off started Wednesday with a photoshoot of this designer lamp in our apartment. While I was making myself some gluten free crackers from this recipe. 

Thursday was spent with Luna just following her around doing chores and ending up in her friend's apartment eating Thai boxes and drinking Mateus rosé and gin&tonics. We ended up really drunk, singing super loud in the street from bar to falafel bar and woke up the morning after super hungover. 

I came home from Luna's place in the afternoon and did some yoga, this has been the first in a year and I have done it ever since now. I am so in love with yoga! 

Saturday I had gluten free brunch at Social coffee (so cheap and yummy) with Erin and then went snowsuit shopping for the niece and nephew. We looked in shops and I completely fell in love with this jacket from Wood Wood Museum. Beige with blue hems and a bit of frill going on. Wow.
Erin and Andrea ended up cooking for me and just had such a nice evening and night with mugs of red wine