I have been admiring my little home extra much last week as well as my old charity find of a jacket. Matt actually fits it so I gave it to him a couple of year ago, but I have been stealing it back.

My Wednesday was spent with my old friend from secondary school. It was as it always is, a blast. And then I said goodbye to my beloved Erin, who is now back in Kentucky (I tell myself it is only for a while until she moves back to Denmark again, just like me). This was celebrated with ramen and beer and loads of giggles. I love that gal and I am already missing her so much! 


You guys have been so supportive of my university decision and I will make sure to make as many blog posts as possible about the move and long distance relationship and everything that come with this hard decision i have taken! 


In the weekend I was home at my parent's place and it was sunny and beautiful and full of love and animals. I cannot wait to go back in June with my massive operated foot and just relax for a month and enjoy the company of my beloved family before I move to London again! 

Sorry for the late post of this edit I thought it was necessary to share my news on university instead. The next couple of months will be uni heavy and you will hear a lot about all the things that come with it. I have already prepared some blog post about it. 
Let me know if you have any questions and things you want me to write about!