I haven't been posting about my week for so long. I have been too busy with work that I haven't taken many pictures and since my operation I have literally not done very much before I came home to my parents. So here we go 

Look at this view! I am so in love with this view. I have been way too used to this view when I lived at home but now every time I visit I fall in love again and can appreciate it! 
So I have been sitting on the balcony with my foot raised enjoying reading and listening to audiobooks as well. Just trying to relax as much as I can!


I keep forgetting that when you are inside you can have direct sunlight, it is just our apartment that doesn't have much direct sunlight. So with every shadowplay, there is in my mum's house, I either take a picture of a selfie. I have also been experimenting with my make-up lately. Going for the dewy and highlighted skin since it is summer and different lipsticks colours! 

I have been celebrating my sister big time and sent her away to her first ever festival to celebrate her newfound freedom. And I have enjoyed both bought and homemade ice coffees with my mum and Matt in the sun.