The series that I want to talk about today, is for the Scandinavians out there an old but good topic. The Norwegian ultra hit: “SKAM” or “SHAME” in English has hit Scandinavia hard with its 3 seasons out already. There are words, fashion style and even ways of describing people that have been created because of this series. It is now out with English subtitles and everyone can become just as hooked! 

“Skam” is about a group of young people at a Sixth Form College/High school in Oslo. The main characters change from each season with the focus on the same group of friends. The characters are incredibly well played and you find it easy to relate to the things they go through. By this you can compare it to the British series “Skins”.

In addition to this though the themes that are being taken up are themes that provoke the audience to have an opinion about or get it. Themes such as homosexuality, mental disorders, drugs, affairs, politics and religion and how for example these topics are being dealt with in modern society right now and how the youth deals with it. 

Finally the filming of this series is fantastic. It is seeking to be as close to their audience as possible - both in terms of plot, marketing and media choices; clips and updates from the next episode is put up on social media as a teaser, their messenger threads can be read and the main characters’ fictional Instagram profiles can be followed.  his adds an extra layer and makes the viewer interact with the plot. By following the different tracks you can literally expand the experience and the plot.

Being the tumblr girl that I am, yes it is a term, and having grown up on the internet and especially this platform in my mid-teens, has inevitably introduced me to the discussions on society’s norms and taboos. And also how to break these norms and taboos, sometimes in very extreme and radical ways.

But when a tv series produced and released by the national broadcaster introduce the public to these norms in such an easy and amusing way. Then it becomes much easier to let the taboos sink in and make them less of a taboo by acknowledging them. I believe this is the kind of tv we are gonna see much more of!

All I can say is that I am starstruck and would recommend it every single person no matter age, social class or religion. It needs to be seen!