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I have been home for a week now and everything is back to normal. Except my mind is still everywhere at the moment. Should I move or not, should I do my dream education and leave my beloved boyfriend and beloved lifestyle or not. But hey I am slowly getting my head around it! 

Last Monday I went to Edinburgh to have a look around the university and to see the faculties and people studying the course I am applying for but ended up talking to the receptionist for a good half an hour about me possibly being a terrorist and therefore couldn’t walk around the campus. 

I then wanted to book an appointment for me on Wednesday when I finally was heading back home to Copenhagen again, but couldn’t get one and I didn’t know anyone to help show me around. So I ended up meeting up with my American friend who is living in Copenhagen but had just landed in Edinburgh. And felt like our friendship was super international! 

This week I have been working a tonne and had a really nice weekend with Matt’s friends who suddenly came to visit. And then I have helped with stock and deliveries at the childrenswear brand, WAWA, that I am social media manager for. It is all super exciting seeing the first collection out in shops! 

Today we have been invited to dinner at my friend’s house, it has been ages since we saw him last, so I am really looking forward to that! Tomorrow we might be meeting up with my two best friends from secondary school, whom I haven’t seen for years. And Saturday my mum is visiting for a couple of days, with a trip planned to Glyptoteket on Sunday with Erin, the American friend. So I will have busy but exciting days ahead.

Now you are finally up to date with what is happening these days. Hope you will all have a fine Thursday!