Apologies for the silence on the blog!!
I have been having fun in Aarhus, gone camping in Germany and started work again. I am still in some kind of irregular holiday mode, since I have just been home for a couple of days, and I have my mum staying as well. As soon as I have come back to my normal routines, I will be posting the regular posts, about meal plans and my week in pictures. I will also add a new series to the blog, but more about that in another post. 
Instead, let me answer some questions, to let you know what is going on:

where are you now?
I am back home in our flat in Copenhagen. It is so untidy since I haven't unpacked the months worth of clothes in my bags.

how are you?
I am very well. So in love with my very missed city, with sore toes from working again. Also, I am enjoying the holiday mode I am still in, even though I am working! 

what was the last thing you ate?
Ever since I was a child, the holidays were a time where we were allowed unhealthy breakfast. We always chose choco pops or Kelloggs frosties. So Matt and I have bought some choco pops and that is exactly what I have been eating this morning! 

what did you do yesterday?
Yesterday I spent the morning sleeping till late, had yummy breakfast and cleaned the kitchen with everything that comes with it, the oven, fridge, cupboards. I went to work for a couple of hours and then we had yummy dinner and a strawberry pavlova as dessert while watching the new episode of Game of Thrones!

what are your plans for today?
I will be working early in the morning and then my mum and I are gonna find a dress for a wedding we will be attending in August, having pedicures and I will be picking up our new toaster/grill since the old one broke. yay! 

what are your plans for the weekend?
Matt and I are either gonna have a cosy cuddly weekend only the two of us, hopefully enjoying the weather, or we are gonna enjoy my sister and mums company. 

what was the last thing you bought?
A new nude bralette

when are you travelling next?
I will be on the 13th of August when Matt and I will be going on our last holiday before I move!

what is the best thing about this week?
Being home in my own apartment and enjoying the time in my favourite city, with the people I love!  

which tv show did you see last?
Game of Thrones!

how do you look right now?
Smiley and happy, with clean and pretty feet after the pedicure