I am sorry for the lack of posts, but I have done everything related to university in England. I am soon done with my personal statement, just need those 4095 characters down to 4000 completely. 
I have been busy with loan applications, portfolio making and revising for my English exam on Saturday.  All my mornings have been looking like the pictures and this breakfast combination is just amazing; skyr, 1 pear chopped in bits and loads of walnuts. I have been getting up early every day to make my mornings slow and relaxed to be energised and ready to work. I thought since I have been such a busy bee, I would make a since we last spoke list again!

  1. where are you now?
    Home at my parent's place, sharing the living room with my sister sitting on the sofa. 
  2. how are you?
    I am good. A bit nervous about the exam, but still positive that I am gonna get good marks. 
  3. what was the last thing you ate?
    I found some really nice salted pumpkin seeds cheap in the grocery store yesterday, so I have been religiously snacking on them all day. 
  4. what did you do yesterday?
    I sat at looking at my screen, writing and writing. Then I needed a break and invited my mum to join me for some charity hunting. 
  5. what are your plans for today?
    I will be eating a lovely roasted chicken, with celeriac, fennel and lemon. Then enjoying the last night with my family before I go home tomorrow.
  6. what are your plans for the weekend?
    On Saturday I have my exam from 08.30-17.30 with a long break in between. Then later on that night I will be meeting all my colleagues for a party. I won't be able to last very long since my back still hurts and I am on painkillers. 
  7. what was the last thing you bought?
    I have bought a lot of new things while being home. I bought two frames and two turtlenecks at the charity shops. then a vase, a couple of prints and some cute scourers.
  8. when are you traveling next?
    Tomorrow I will be leaving for Copenhagen again. Back home to my man. 
  9. what is the best thing about this week?
    Being able to enjoy my family and animals, nature and driving car again. Also being done with all the uni application things! 
  10. which tv show did you see last?
    The Danish bake off
  11. how do you look right now?
    Tired, with no makeup and also covered in cat hairs. Oh to always wear black and have a white cat!