The last days have felt so much like spring. Milder weather, not much rain and the sunshine casting different, longer shadows on every surface it hits. 
Spring is my favourite season, it makes me nostalgic, better at ease and also super excited for warmer, longer and sunnier days. Only good things will come ahead. And that is what a future fanatic planner likes!
The world seems a new and everything is just fresh and awakens from its hibernation. I just love spring, it makes me fall in love all over again with my city, the people in my life and my life in general! 

My spring playlist every year is filled with happy a bit upbeat songs and this time there are songs from one of my friends from work, new founds songs and just songs that make me bubbly inside! 
That is why I have called the playlist “foolish spring”. you just become a bit more reckless, spontaneous and foolish in the spring. 

Have a listen to it here