I am now at my parents', jumping around on one leg still enjoying the weather. I have so much time in my hands, that I know I will have finished all the series that have just been added to Netflix. So even though I am not very good at ready, I can never sit still for enough time to actually engage properly in a book. But this summer I will be trying my best! Summers are after all about enjoying the long nights, the warm weather and reading. Zoning out and relaxing.

You will see an obvious theme in the list. Some of these books are somewhat self-help books. But since I will be living on my own soon, staring my carrier and also need to become more of a girl boss because of me starting my carrier soon. So here are the books I will be reading! The others are quirky stories about every day life, which i love! 


A Danish book titled "The Paper Mache Rule" written by a woman who is not just extremely funny but also one of the wisest of women I know of. She has a background in comedy, film, acting and social criticism.
The back of the book says: This book is about how life is and what rules apply. It's about what to do to be happy and what you should not do. You will probably do it anyway, but luckily there is a rule that then will come into force. Because life is a miracle and we are here to be happy and to love each other. I certainly know that.


As everyone else on the internet, I have watched the Netflix series of this book. And I ate it on one day. So I thought I would love the book as well and I need to learn a bit about this whole jumping into my dream thing. This will hopefully help me. 


An old book, from the late 80's, but this is still such an interesting little book about a Japanese girl and her her discoveries about food and love. The combination of food, a good little life story and Japan, is the perfect cocktail for me. 


A newer Japanese book about relationships around this women in a charity shop and her exploration of the mystery that lurks in the ordinary. I love the quirkiness of people and when the ordinary becomes special, as well as charity shopping. I am looking very much forward to diving into this one! 


You can see the theme of Japanese every day life in these books and this is a book with loads of short stories about the city and the people in it. One of my biggest dreams is to go to Japan, and especially Tokyo. By reading this, I will hopefully be able to get a taste of that dream