I feel spring! Every year around this time, when the sun begins to peak through the clouds and the days are lighter I fall in love. Everything inside me becomes content, calm and excited for the future! I love spring, it is my favourite season and we are getting closer and closer to this time of year! 

Yesterday was a busy day, with loads of tasks, but because of the sunny weather, I had to take some time out of my busy schedule to just enjoy the moment. I took loads of selfies (self-love is important and doesn’t come often), listened to loud up beat music, made myself a yummy snack and a green tea before going to work. I felt alive and happy!
Today I have started the application for Lund University and I feel inspired and happy with the project. Let us just hope this will make me accepted to the school! 

I wanted to share the playlist I am listening too when it is sunny and I am in love with the weather, so here you go!

Have a nice Wednesday and remember to enjoy life and love yourself!!