On Thursday my dearest friend, Maria from London is coming! 

It has been so hard to plan actual dates to come a visit each other ever since I moved. There has been a couple of cheap plane tickets that I haven’t used because of moving chaos and need of accommodation while being in London. And also just planning regarding when I should come or when my friend should come to mine. 

So I decided to surprise her with a stay in Copenhagen instead! I have been so sneaky and planned everything with her boyfriend so that she would get time off work and she received the news in a crappy little poem! 

The pictures above is actually from the first day I met her. We started talking on tumblr as I have with quite a few and when things were really bad in London I lived with Maria for about a month.  We have gone through many things together ever since we met.

I have planned so many things to do with her, and I will post what we have been up to next week!