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The seventh day of our roadtrip, we drove all the way from Bath to north of Newcastle, up to Matt's mum and sister. We spent the first day up here at the beach all day finding seashells, playing ball and having a picnic in the sand. 

Second day we went around the little town of Alnwick. Here we went bookshopping in a converted train station that now is one of the largest secondhand bookshops in the UK. Matt's mum loves coming here, which really make sense! 

We decided to have a proper afternoon tea, and went all in, by booking a table in the Alnwick garden's treehouse. It was magical, really!   

 Here are my sister and mum in the garden.

The very last day of the whole roadtrip, we went to Edinburgh, since it is the closest airport to Newcastle. We didn't see much, but it is a beautiful city! 

We stayed at our place in Copehagen for a day before driving back to my parent's house again. 
And that was the end of a bit more than a thousand kilometers of roadtrip!


If you haven't seen the first days of the roadtrip, go back here to see it. Otherwise let's carry on the picture diary! 

We stayed at the youth hostel close to the eden project, and went there early in the morning.

The eden project, was a big reminder on how much i really love plants! There was a lot of interesting exhibitions about mankind on earth, which really made me think how small we are!

Tea time before heading to the next destination  

After eden, we drove to Falmouth to check out a possible university for Matt (and I maybe). Also to discover yet another beautiful coastal town! 

 In the evening we drove to Penzance, to sleep in a massive tent. Apparently it is called glamping(??!) which do make sense after having slept crazily good for once! 

The morning after, we went from Penzance to St. Ives and had a stop in Land's End. The only thing to see there really, was a lot of rocks and I was a bit disappointed with the tacky tourist places they had made there. Also it wasn't the greatest weather, after having had high temperatures all the other days. But the landscape was beautiful and the facts that we were at the English mainland's westernmost point was cool to think of! 

 We finally made it to St.Ives to find that the weather here wasn't too good either. What you think of, when hearing St. Ives, are palm trees and super exotic weather, but it definitely wasn't that. We ended up falling in love with the kind people and the artistic vibe the town had to it though.

 Before heading to Okehampton, to sleep, we had the loveliest dinner at the harbour in St. Ives. Matt of course had something with bacon, me of course a vegetarian dish: red snack peppers stuffed with risotto and cornwall cheese on top.  My mum and sister had a potato salad with white fish. For dessert: a cake that combines all my favourite cakes in one, carrot, banana and pecan cake. And my sister and M got a berry pavlova.

 After the sleep in Okehampton, we drove to Cheddar, to firstly (for me) taste cheese, but also to see the beautiful Cheddar Gorge. I was so surprised to still be in England, cause it definitely didn't look like it! So rocky! 

We decided to have a picnic on the highest point of the rocks we could walk to (without having to pay for entrance). And the view was amazing!! 

And then our drive from Cheddar to Bath....

 In Bath we stayed at a really cute old B&B from the 18th hundreds. The old man who had it, was such a character and he helped us to find out what to see of Bath. We only had 24 hours there, so we ended up looking around the shopping streets to then finding a ray of the evening sun where we could eat, before going the roman baths. 

The baths were so beautiful and interesting, we thought it was only the pool we would see, but were so surprised to find out about the museum that was around it! We were literally kicked out at closing time! We then went home to the B&B and met the owner, who was going to his local pub, so we went along and stayed there till late! I had missed going to a pub again, since this actually was the first time I was in England since I moved in 2015. 

Final post of the last days of the roadtrip will be coming next time! 


The first night in Brighton we went on a mandatory pier walk 

Our typical hostel breakfast. We stayed at a YHA almost the whole trip

 Photomatic, a tiny shop in the Lanes with a retro photoboot. We obviously took some pictures. 

We had to dip our toes in the cold Brighton water!

A picnic dinner in a park in Hove

We then drove up to a hostel very near The Stonehenge

And the morning after we spend time looking at the big stones

On our way to Lyme Regis, we stopped for fuel and found the cutest charity shop in a little town in Somerset!

The rest of the evening we stayed on the beach, went swimming and had bonfire dinner till it was completely dark. After a lot of hassle we finally got a B&B luckily Matt and I got the room with the sea view!

On the third day we were eager to find fossils nd had heard that in Charmouth it would be easy to find. We didn't find any at all and ended up buying some in the tacky tourist shop! 

We drove to Boswinger to the closer to the eden project. We had dinner in the most beautiful village called Mevagissey, but it was so dark at that point that I couldn't take any pictures of it. 

Look out for the next post about the roadtrip!