3 things I’m looking forward to

  • Matt’s birthday next week and celebrating him
  • seeing mine and matts family again 
  • open day at kingston university and seeing maria again next month

3 things I like

  • cheese 
  • when some people are just so elegant
  • shadow play

3 things I don’t like

  • how many painkillers people consume regularly 
  • coriander 
  • when things break

3 things I want to do

  • go to university
  • have kids 
  • a lot of material things

3 things i should do

  • wash the dishes 
  • go have a shower 
  • organise matt’s birthday and present 

3 things i can do

  • cooking delicious food 
  • keep order 
  • sing

3 things I can’t do

  • run
  • bake (only cook) 
  • unorganised things 

3 things I talk about a lot:

  • people in my life and the ones i love 
  • food 
  • how tired i always am 

3 things i want:

  • a new winter coat 
  • a bigger frying pan 
  • posters (loads of them)

3 things that make me calm

  • having a plan 
  • to do lists 
  • graphic patterns and pastel colours

3 things that stress me out

  • unorganised things
  • too many people and loud sounds at once 
  • clutter

3 things I have done this week

  • watched 2 whole seasons of downton abby 
  • been closing the store every day 
  • managed to be alone for 2 days without being freaked out by a spider or a weird sound

Tell me what you are up to this weekend, happy Saturday friends!