In late may I moved from my university halls in Kingston, to a studio flat in Wimbledon with Matt. We finally back together, after many months apart, in our own space in South West London.
The apartment has evening sun, floor too ceiling windows and is located on the 5th floor. When we look out we can see industrial buildings right outside, over the hills there are cute English semidetached houses and when we stick our heads out of the windows and look to the right we can see the London skyline in miniature. 

The apartment is ours as long as we want and has been furnished already, but with me being as picky as I am, I have put most a lot of the furniture down in our storage room (thank god for us having that) and bought some new things. 
We have underfloor heating, which we question whether we will ever use since the apartment is so hot. The floors are solid dark wood and the ceilings are 4 meters tall and made of concrete. 

We have a breakfast bar which is the centre of the apartment, it is where everyone gathers when we cook and make cocktails. The bed is raised 2 meters and underneath is loads of storage space, you can see even further over the landscape from up there. The bathroom is white and we have a rainfall shower which is big enough for two. 

We made a deal once, me and Matt, that we would always upgrade our living space. That every time we would move the new apartment would be better than the other. This is all we dream of right now. We are so happy here and we are together again!