1. jersey dress/ weekday 2. plastic sandals/ birkenstock 3. knitted dress/ H&M 4. slip-in sandals / H&M  
5. mesh top/ H&M 6. striped shirt/ H&M 7. corduroy cap/ weekday 8. slip-on dress/ H&M

The summer sale in WEEKDAY and H&M right now is amazing, and I have found it hard not to shop. Due to our recent heat wave in Denmark, I have come to realise that I need to show more skin in order not to pass out of overheating. So I have bought a couple of dresses, something you really don't see me wearing a lot (new times, new times).  
And the other thing I have realised is that I need more party wear, I have had a lot of parties this summer already, so I have bought myself some cute slip-on sandals with a tiny heel and the mesh top to make my basic and classic outfits a bit more party-ready. I need to become less scared of frills and skirts, but because of the mesh, the top is still edgy and I have already worn it!