Ever since I moved out I have been making meal plans every week. It started out because we didn’t have any money in London and it is such a great and convenient way of saving money. You go once to buy all the groceries and you are only tempted that one time, to buy all the things on the shelves. You also know exactly what to buy because you have looked in your cupboards before. 

I always have two separate notes in my “notes” programme on my macbook. One for the meal plans and one for grocery shopping. I can then look at my phone via iCloud when I am out shopping! 

Here is what I do: 

  1. Look in my fridge and cupboards to see what left overs we have 
  2. Look up recipes online that combines the left overs we have got 
  3. Write down the meals from monday to sunday 
  4. Make a shopping list 

I tend to do this either Sunday or Monday.  And if we wanna go out, we save the dinner that was planned on that day for another day. Easy! Also if we wanna have something else for dinner than what is on the plan, we swap it. It really is a plan that is good to have and good to follow to a certain point. Spontaneousness is always good too!   

Potato pizza with rosemary, red pesto and tomatoes

TUESDAY (work)
Lebanese flatbread with tomato salsa and hummus

Grilled carrot salad with feta and chips

Snack pepper and red bean salad with avocado and bulgur

FRIDAY (out)
— — - 

Toasted rye bread with fried egg and curly kale

Couscous salad with aubergine, herbs and red onion

I wanna share more of these things, so I am planning on making a series of meal plans. Maybe once a week. But do let me know if this has helped you with either inspiration for dinner or to follow a meal plan like me!