Hello everyone! 

I have been looking at my statistics and I can see that the most popular blogposts are the “weekly meal plan”. So I think I want to make this a regular thing! 

This week Matt and I have decided to try out no carbs! We eat healthily normally. We don’t eat a lot of meat, but most of our meals are based on the vegetables as the main ingredient. BUT we do use a lot of carbs in our meals. Pasta, rice, noodles, potatoes and so on. 

For a long time I haven’t been happy with my appearance in the way that i never lose or gain weight. I stay the same, which is super good. But I just want to be a bit slimmer. I know that it will always have something to do with exercise but I bike everywhere I go and it seems that the only thing I haven’t really tried is to fix my diet a bit. 

So we will try the meal plan for this week and see how hard it is not to eat any carbs and no meat. Maybe we will love it and then keep on going with it to lose weight! 
The only thing that is very much different this week is breakfast. We normally always have muesli/granola with milk in the morning.

Breakfast this week: Skyr/Greek yogurt with berries/fruit, seeds and cinnamon

Lunch this week: Leftovers (as usual) and salads to bring

No leftovers in the fridge this week

frittata with spinach and red pepper

jerusalem artichoke mash with fried leek and green beans

mushroom stroganoff with courgette fettuccini

homemade hokkaido soup

egg wraps with tuna salad/mousse

—- - — — 

pointed cabbage salad w. feta, cucumber, red onion and tahini dressing 

I don’t think it looks scary, but we are pretty adaptable. When using this meal plan as inspiration, you can just add your carbs to it!
Hope you can use it! Wish us good luck!  

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