Second week with only 20-50g of carbs per day! This was actually quite easy to do for me. I only needed something sweet, so I will buy some peanut butter this week, so I can have it on pieces of apples as a snack! 

On Friday I am going on holiday and will go home to my hometown and stay there to revise and make uni application. So I have just made a little meal plan for the weekdays. At home, I will still be eating a low carb diet, with one cheat day. Friday is gonna be my cheat day as I am going to my girlfriend's place to celebrate her birthday and going out at night! 

Breakfast this week: skyr/greek yogurt with apples, seeds and cinnamon
Lunch this week: salads to bring
Leftovers from the last week: feta, 1/4 of a pointed cabbage, spinach, iceberg lettuce

cauliflower pizza w. bell pepper and olives

burgers with creamy tomato sauce and fried cabbage

parmesan-roasted green beans w. spinach and tomato salad

creamy tomato soup