It has literally been sunny and 20+ degrees for over a week now, and now there are only a few days to June. Which marks the real summer and of course me sharing this seasonal playlist. 
My summer is gonna be partly at home relaxing at my parents after my second foot operation and partly working as much as I can. But I can just imagine the light summer evenings driving around with my little sister listening to loud music and sunny days off work having a beer with my colleagues and friends. Biking around Copenhagen inhaling as much as I can of my favourite city and then hopefully a little holiday with Matt before I leave. All with this playlist on repeat. 

I love summer so much, my heart could burst. Everything is just more fantastic with warm weather and light long days. 

Have a listen underneath. The playlist is filled with electro and soft tunes. I think I will be adding some more sing-along songs for the summer drives!