I have already received summer coursework before uni starts. So I thought I would share this coursework with you probably first and last time since I won’t have time to show every project and coursework with you when I start. I expect a lot of these in the future 3 years. 

I received an email from my professors saying this: 


The Design School – BA Product & Furniture / Summer 2017

Young designers! You are going to be joining a vibrant creative and eager group of fellow students ready to embark on a life-changing journey into the real design world. To get you started we want you to absorb and experiencing “design” in all its forms around you! 
The following are a list of activities we would like you Do, Experience and Capture before you start at Kingston.

Go to a range of exhibitions, events, shows- 
Get a sketchbook and start sketching! Draw what you find exciting start capturing insight and ideas! 

Build Something
Make something useful for a specific friend or family member! 
Use any materials at hand to build models & prototypes, take pictures of it, bring it along if not too big! 

Start to collect materials that inspire you and your work! 
Natural materials? Emotional connections, sensations, new interesting opportunities? 

Select 2 examples of what you perceive as “good” design? 
Maybe something you saw in the street or shop or found in a book, or something you own? 

A business card for your own company! 
Make a handful of cards and invent your own company name. 

You will be sharing and discussing these personal activities when we meet at Welcome Week. Please prepare a: 2min presentation/ sum up of the summer activities above. 


I have already done most of it but need to build some things. I am very excited to be building, making and creating soon!