This week has started so well! I have received so much feedback, support and so many nice messages from so many people after sharing my decision on university yesterday. Thank you so much, all of you!
I was also greeted by my lovely Mia, who has finally come back to Copenhagen after being in Canada for 4 months today at work. Tomorrow her and I will have a catch-up date and later on, in the evening Matt will be joining us for dinner and drinks at Mia and her boyfriend's place. I cannot wait to kiss and hug all of the air out of her again! 

With it being Monday today, I, of course, went grocery shopping. But this time I have done exceptionally well, by buying so many things on offer. I bought a whole free-range chicken for only 20kr. because of the sell-by date. Amazing! It really pays to look closely at the stores, you never know what to find!

Leftovers from last week:  pointed cabbage, broccoli, carrots

tortillas with broccoli, carrot, tomatoes, lettuce and tomato dressing

— - - — - - — 

cod with pointed cabbage, rocket, red onion and orange bit salad

spring chicken stew 

chickpea meatballs with courgetti and green pesto 

SATURDAY (work late)
leftover chicken with quinoa, lettuce, courgette and sunflower seed salad 

SUNDAY (work late)
omelette with tender braised leeks and green olives