I have been SO busy! That is all I am gonna say, as well as having been sick again. More on that in another blog post. 

This week starts today since it has been Bank Holiday yesterday. We came home late last night from my parent's place after a lovely weekend! This week I am gonna prepare things for my birthday party and birthday this weekend. I will be baking a lemon and poppy seed layer cake with black tea frosting and preparing some drinks and snacks. I have invited 20 people home to our little apartment and I will be making the bedroom into a dancefloor and the bbq into a bonfire bowl. It is going to be a cram-packed but super fun party! 

On my birthday I don't have many plans yet, I am in the middle of planning with my parents. Either they are coming to ours or Matt and I are going home to South Denmark again.
So this is what we are having this week

Leftovers from last week: vegetable soup, beef strips, pesto

new potatoes with green pesto, olives and roasted sunflower seeds, rocket and fresh cheese

cauliflower, carrot and parsley salad with fish fingers

steak strips in hoisin sauce and sesame, with fresh cheese, onion and mix salad

creamy vegetable soup with sprouts