photo by Matt Marsh

photo by Matt Marsh

Hello from Copenhagen yet again. We are back home from our holiday and only with a very short meal plan this week I will tell you all about the holiday tomorrow.

We are home for only 4 days this week because on Friday we will be attending a wedding down in South Denmark. I have a blog post about my outfit ready for you on the weekend which I will be spending at my parents' place probably the last time before moving to England. We shall see. Before leaving on to go to the wedding I will be having a goodbye dinner with my fellow colleagues at WAWA on Thursday. It all seems to be an end of this chapter for me now. 

Tomorrow I will be making a bunch of calls to banks, insurance people and stuff before on the 1st of September to tell the state I am moving and to hire a moving company from DK to the UK and all of that. It is all coming together nicely!

Here is the little meal plan for the next couple of days


new potatoes with green beans, peas, leek, baby corns and bearnaise sauce

risotto with pointed cabbage and pancetta