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Ever since I bought my Mulberry bag I have been thinking about making different straps for it. Firstly to be able to wear it cross body, but also to be able to change the look of the bag. Now I have finally gotten around to making some, and I plan to make many more. I am dreaming about a strap that is smaller in the ends and really wide on the middle, a fur strap, an adjustable wide nylon strap, one with studs (made from this), one in green and one with another chain. Basically you can make loads of different varieties which is one of the things I love about the detachable strap on the bag. 

The first two straps I have made are both made from this leather belt I bought at my work, Weekday. 

The first thing I wanted to change about the original strap/chain, was the length of it. The only down side to the bag was that it wasn't cross-body. So I added a piece of leather to elongate it.  

The slimmer parts of the belt were used for this part by cutting off the loop to hold the end bit of the belt and then destroying the belt buckle to only have the frame left and make it a "ring" for the clasp to be attached to. Then I bought a round clasp in the same metal as the chain, to make it possible for it to be attached to the ring on the bag itself. Now I can wear it cross body and still wear the beautiful chain. I still want to find another cool chain to attach to the current chain though. 

The other strap is made from the main- and wider part of the belt, which was basically what I had left after cutting the two smaller straps off. The square metal frames in each end were already there so all I did was add the two clasps. I did have to take some things off the clasps, but you are able to buy these simples clasps as it is. 

Now I have 3 different bag straps to chose from and I am planning on making many more. I am endlessly happy about my bag still and this has made me even happier about it! 


Last Sunday my mum and I decided to drive to Genbyg, Denmarks largest market in used building materials. They specialise in the purchase and resale of recycled materials. So basically you can find everything from doorknobs to massive slabs of marble etc. 

We looked around the market space and found the marble, in the perfect size for the cabinet in the bedroom and bought them super cheap! I can also use the slabs as a flat lay background for log photos. 

P1270136 2.jpg

For a long time, we have needed something to cover the ugly surface of this cabinet in the bedroom. These cabinets are from the kitchen that we took down to get more light and worktop space. So here is my own creation of reused materials, it is super easy, cheap and looks amazing. Especially with the different shades of warm and cold colours in the stone, ceramic and the framed embroidery from my friend. Now I just need some nicer door handles that's all.

I wish we could make many more stores use recycled materials. But maybe we should start with ourselves, and create something from something else. 

pictures by  Matt Marsh

pictures by Matt Marsh

Since we are so close to Christmas now, and you might have bought the last presents. It is now time to wrap them all up.

I love wrapping up presents! it is fiddly and you can be all creative! 

This year's presents don’t look that much different than last years. I am all about recycling and using everything up before buying something new. So the wrapping this year is basically a mix of all the things I had laying around in the flat. 

Brown paper, an old poster that I have made into small cards, stickers that I have written on with a white pen, light blue and white fabric ribbon, black ribbon and black and white thread. 

I do think I might have to buy some more wrapping paper since there are a lot of presents this year! I am thinking about jazzing it up a bit with some green wrapping paper. I know. Risky move of mine! 

Good luck wrapping!!! 


Happy 1st of December guys! 

In Denmark, there are a lot of traditions at Christmas. The Christmas light, you light every day until Christmas. You have to burn the number of the day so it is completely gone! Then there is Advent which is the four Sundays before Christmas. The first Sunday of Advent you turn on the first light, the second Sunday the second light, and so forth. We save the first three light so that we can have all four lights on when it is the last and fourth Sunday of Advent.

I have been planning this post for a bit to show you the decorations in the apartment this year. All of them have some kind of DIY to them! 
As you can see, there is a lot of paper going on. A cheap and good way of creating ornaments! We don't have the space for a Christmas tree and also we aren't home to celebrate Christmas, so we thought we would skip it. 

The small paper stars and the wooden ornaments I made last year so I used these again, but this time hung them on some branches I found in the park near our apartment. The Swedish Dala horses I drew and cut out from paper and hung them on a white cotton thread. It is hung over the radiator under the window sill, which makes it spin around. 
I thought the advent candle holder, was so pretty and simple with its thin metal base so I had to buy it. 


I hope this gives you some inspiration if you haven't done any decoration yet and also makes you super excited for Christmas! 
There will be more Christmas posts through this month so stay tuned! 


I have started a new project. mostly because I need to force myself being a bit more creative again. But also because I really feel the need of collecting for this project An instagram of my collection of dappled light hitting walls and floors.

When i was younger, back when we all had just gotten a phone with a camera, in which you could almost see what you had taken a picture of. I was collecting hearts in the nature and made everyone send me picture of the hearts that had naturally appeared in nature. I named the project something very inventively“heart everywhere”. 
It was a fun little hobby to do, but i stopped again after having collected 100 hearts.  Enough of that i just thought of this little project when i looked through my phone and my endless fascination for shadow play.

Next week i will be revising for my english exam and making my personal statement for uni. I have a 10 days off work and will be spending my time at my parents house to not get distracted by house chores and friends. This project will be a part of my portfolio for uni i am sure, I just need to come up with a better way of presenting it than an instagram profil.


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