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This week have been busy with both work, afterwork beers and fun and also WAWA stuff. Since launcing our webshop on tuesday, we had a little morning photoshoot with confetti before. 


I have also been showing you guys my tattoos and been having easter lunch with my school friends!


And enjoyed the weekend with my mum and sister. Playing cards, going to church at midnight at a ceremony called #godgoesdeep, went to a silver wedding, hidden and found easter eggs in "Frederiksberg Have", had a roast chicken feast and baked hot cross buns! 

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Monday I went to the orthopaedic clinic for a check up on my toes first time after the operation and met up with Erin after that for a coffee before work. While sitting at a cafe I kinda forced/persuade her to finally get her ears pierced and I wanted to as well. I got a tragus and she both her earlopes! 


I have been outside a lot and enjoyed the sunny weather. Mostly on my way home from work!


Thursday I had meetings with WAWA about social media as well as new and exciting things! 

Enjoyed a lot of porridge before work, booked a spa day and called Kingston University with loads of questions.


I have taken selfies from this angle more than ever before to brag about my new piercing! Had a whole weekend of working. 

Soon it is easter and I am off from work so I am SUPER ready to go easter egg hunting with my sister and mum next week. As weel as meeting up with friends and having more meetings with WAWA. 

Have a nice Sunday! 


This week I have been enjoying the weather with several outings before and after work. Either on a bike or just wearing comfy clothes on the way to the grocery shop


I have been eating this breakfast so many times. scrambled eggs and avocado on sourdough spelt bread. And I fell in love with this pie which was a part of the weekly meal plan.


I have been sick at home and have had a lay in till midday and had a colourful view on the coffee table!


Gone home to my parent's to celebrate my mum's 50th birthday and found another pendant from my mums jewelery box.

Enjoyed the view at my parent's house and the amazing food at the birthday party! 

All in all, such a good week! Happy Sunday! 


Monday was the start of a busy working week so I treated myself to a slow morning with green tea, no bra and a yummy breakfast. I also did an insta story of me making breakfast. You all seem to like these kinds a lot!  


The only windows I have seen this week. My windows at home and the windows at work.  


I have been drinking a load of coffee this week. I find it very hard to sleep these days (to many things going on in my head) so coffee does wonders because I don't have them regularly otherwise. A little cuppa in my lunch break and a sniff of fresh air before greeting and helping costumers again.

Good eyebrow day (those days need to be appreciated more!!) and a good breakfast day. Here toasted sourdough with Schwarzwälder ham, avocado, tomato and olive oil. YUM! 


Finally buying the piece of the jewellery that represents me the most; the emoji pendant by fredesblog, one of my favourite danish bloggers. Get it HERE


Having 2 dinner dates with my friend in the same week, making a yummy thai dish the second night and waking up before your boyfriend to keep the door closed so I don't wake him up.

Hope you like this new addition to the blog I am planning on making these every sunday to round up my week!