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The time is creeping up on me and I have been feeling down in the dump for a bit due to the fact that I will be moving soon. In fact, there are only 49 days left of me living with Matt.

I need to embrace the fact that I will be living alone. For the very first time ever. Of course, I will have housemates, but not as close housemates as my beloved boyfriend. So as soon as I have done sobbing, crying, screaming and have come over the massive break down of moving away from the love of my life I will start doing the things that I love and need. It is time to be a bit more selfish! 

I will be eating only vegetarian and glutenfree and loads of cheese. In fact I will have at least 3 different kinds of cheese in the fridge at all times! It isn’t because of Matt that I am eating gluten and meat, but he likes both so much and I like cooking stuff that he loves. But this is gonna change when I move and I think my stomach and the rest of my body will thank me.

Devote my time to be more with my friends. Since I can’t be with Matt all the time, I will be wanting and needing to be with others. I am a social kind of person and need to be surrounded by others most of my time. I will also of course be spending endless of hours either waiting to talk to Matt or counting the days till I see him again.

Have a tidy room. I say it is me as well, but it is mostly matt to untidy the house. He will obviously disagree, but I am of course right. I can’t wait to have my own clutter instead of his

i have to spoil myself and give myself time to do my routines in order to make myself calm and less upset. And I need to give myself time to be alone, because: “being alone isn’t a bad thing, Sissel”.


Apologies for the silence on the blog!!
I have been having fun in Aarhus, gone camping in Germany and started work again. I am still in some kind of irregular holiday mode, since I have just been home for a couple of days, and I have my mum staying as well. As soon as I have come back to my normal routines, I will be posting the regular posts, about meal plans and my week in pictures. I will also add a new series to the blog, but more about that in another post. 
Instead, let me answer some questions, to let you know what is going on:

where are you now?
I am back home in our flat in Copenhagen. It is so untidy since I haven't unpacked the months worth of clothes in my bags.

how are you?
I am very well. So in love with my very missed city, with sore toes from working again. Also, I am enjoying the holiday mode I am still in, even though I am working! 

what was the last thing you ate?
Ever since I was a child, the holidays were a time where we were allowed unhealthy breakfast. We always chose choco pops or Kelloggs frosties. So Matt and I have bought some choco pops and that is exactly what I have been eating this morning! 

what did you do yesterday?
Yesterday I spent the morning sleeping till late, had yummy breakfast and cleaned the kitchen with everything that comes with it, the oven, fridge, cupboards. I went to work for a couple of hours and then we had yummy dinner and a strawberry pavlova as dessert while watching the new episode of Game of Thrones!

what are your plans for today?
I will be working early in the morning and then my mum and I are gonna find a dress for a wedding we will be attending in August, having pedicures and I will be picking up our new toaster/grill since the old one broke. yay! 

what are your plans for the weekend?
Matt and I are either gonna have a cosy cuddly weekend only the two of us, hopefully enjoying the weather, or we are gonna enjoy my sister and mums company. 

what was the last thing you bought?
A new nude bralette

when are you travelling next?
I will be on the 13th of August when Matt and I will be going on our last holiday before I move!

what is the best thing about this week?
Being home in my own apartment and enjoying the time in my favourite city, with the people I love!  

which tv show did you see last?
Game of Thrones!

how do you look right now?
Smiley and happy, with clean and pretty feet after the pedicure


This summer is all about enjoying my home country as much as I possibly can before i pack my bags and leave for England for a while. I don't have many specific plans, but I know I will be enjoying the weather, the water and loads of ice cream!


I am home now, and will be until mid July, I have invited Luna to visit, so I can show her around my part of Denmark. I am planning on evenings in the garden with bonfire and reading on the terrace, driving around charity shops, enjoying good food and meeting Matt around Denmark on his biking tour. My dad and step mum are going to Femern for a week and a bit, and I will be going there just before I leave for Copenhagen again. I am also planning on spending time with childhood friends! 

All of this while having a foot that is getting better and better each day! 


Yesterday my sister graduated from school so this week there are a couple of events and parties to celebrate her. It is incredible that she is done already. I feel like it was yesterday I graduated but at the same time more than the 3 years that have gone.


I will be back in Copenhagen in July and back to work again. While Matt and I are working we might have guests coming around on mini stays and going on day trips to Sweden and other places around a bit further away from Copenhagen 


Before I leave for England, it has been very important for me to have a holiday only with Matt. To have some alone time before we are gonna move away from each other for a while. We were supposed to go to Sicily but since I have to move, I have to be a bit careful with money. So we are renting a care and driving to Sweden to stay on at a lake house. It will be a week full of wine, lake swimming and roadtripping again. We love doing roadtrips and I am super excited to be just the two of us! 


Before leaving I of course need to have a little get together to celebrate a new chapter in my life and also saying goodbye and see you to my friends. I don't know whether it should be a party, dinner party, picnic or whatever, but I a sure I will be making sure to say goodbye properly!


Of course I will have a summer that is full of packing and planning how to move my stuff. And also actually moving. I will have Matt to help me and preferably stay in London for a day or two after the move, so we both can get a smooth transition to our new life. It will be tough!


I am looking so much forward to this summer, for all the good and exciting things as well as the super scary and tough things! Also I know I have so many months off of uni the next 3 years, so there are many summers in Denmark to come!  


Last weekend was my 22nd birthday and I had my birthday party for all my friends, dancing limbo and drinking white wine sangria. One of the best presents was from my Danish and Swedish friends who gave me a wooden crate full of jars and bottles with ingredients (all from Sweden) and an amazingly designed recipe for my favourite Swedish thing; cinnamon buns. They turned out perfect! 

Sunday I was woken up with birthday song, flags and presents from Matt and even though I wasn't with my family this birthday, Matt made it the day the best ever! The day consisted of home cooked breakfast, adventuring the city, enjoying the sun with ice creams and rosé, eating sushi, going to the cinema and leaving again because of a weird and creepy guy (and got the money back again) and enjoying the last bit of the weather with a beer on papirøen. Of course, we ended the day with OITNB in bed.

I am so thankful for having this man in my life as well as all of my amazing friends and family who have celebrated from near and far! 

20 copy.jpg

These days are filled with spontaneous meetings with friends. a quick stop by around their apartment, a coffee before work, a beer and a slice of pizza or a burger after work. Today my sick leave starts, and I will be away for 1 month. 

The days are moving so quickly. Every time i bike home from a lovely day with people I enjoy spending my time with, i think about how close i am getting to the day i will leave this city and my adult life here, my close friends, the independence i have here and my rock, Matt. 

I am freaking out every other day and the rest of the days I am getting more excited about the new chapter. 

I am not posting a lot because i am trying to absorb as much of this life i have right now, as possible. The days are to short and I have too much to think about. i remember thinking that it was gonna be my birthday and then shortly after that I could start applying for the student loans and then i would have my operation and go home to my parents, and this is right now. it is this week. Then I will be back to work for 1,5 month and then I will be moving.

I keep saying “when i move out from home” just like when i was a teenager moving out of my parents place. I feel like i am leaving my adult life to become a teenager for 3 years again, and then move home to become an adult again. oh man, I am feeling all the feelings these days and I don’t have enough time to live this life that i love, before i start my new life.