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A lot of things have happened since I last opened up my heart here. I have become closer to the people in my life and enjoyed my own company. In November I started on a diet and began swimming. Surprisingly it turns out I do enjoy some sport after all and that I am actually quite good at it as well! My current best swim is 1,2km in 38 minutes. This, and the diet have helped me to lose 6kg so far! I am very proud of myself for these achievements and can’t wait to be more comfortable in my body! I can feel that I get a bit more confident every day!

In mid-December I had a bike crash due to frozen breaks. My trusty second-hand bike, Ruth, let me down and it resulted in an evening well spent at the hospital as well as a very bruised leg, face and eye, a small head injury and a bruised spine. I spent a week in bed sleeping all the time and then headed home to Denmark to be taken care of over Christmas. Living alone isn’t always nice when stuff like this happens but luckily I had help from my friends.

A week before this, my sister came to visit me for the first time and fell in love with the graphics BA at Kingston University. So she decided to apply and will be hearing back soon. Matt has also been applying for universities in the UK as well as Mie’s boyfriend. It could end up with everyone in London soon. Exciting times are ahead. I am so very proud of them all!

Uni has been going on for a couple of weeks now and it is very interesting to be working on my own. A lot more pressure is on me now. Pressure from myself really. I will admit it hasn’t been easy all the time. I will share more of the project when I am done with the design phase this week. I have already planned a few posts and will be publishing them soon.

Hope all is well and that you are happy!
Love from me


I have done this thing for more than a year, making seasonal playlists. My mood is very affected by the seasons and the weather and I have therefore found it very soothing to have  a playlist for each season. The uplifting new songs for spring and the mellow and calm songs for winter. 
That is very much what this playlist is full of. Calm, electronic and perfect to listen to while making models for uni projects. 

Winter will change my, otherwise very extatic and energetic mood much more mellow and calm. I need vitamins and sun and warmth. So the music helps me get through the winter! 

Here's the playlist: 

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It can be really hard for me to show people my work. I have this unhealthy perfectionist mind that doesn't allow me to be satisfied with anything unless it is exactly what I have imagined. I am also a bit scared about showing unfinished projects as it is easy to change my mind and therefore I am scared to get other peoples opinions.

What I mean is that I want to apologise for not having shown any projects from my first term of uni. I have, firstly, been super busy and also I am not yet satisfied with the products I have produced and the ones I haven’t quite yet finished. We are starting a new project on Tuesday. It is a ceramics project where we will be mass producing our product by doing slipcasting.

These are the things we will be doing: 

Task one: You must observe and record your own use of ceramic products at various times during your daily routines. This could be the morning, lunchtime and the evening. Consider whether there are any ‘rituals’ that you employ, perhaps when cracking an egg in an eggcup at breakfast, squeezing a teabag on the side of your cup at lunchtime or turning on a bedside lamp to read in the evening. You must present a selection of at least 10 observational studies of these domestic rituals. These could be sketches or photographs and they should be presented for assessment in your Design Process Notebook.

You will need to choose one product type from this list:
Lighting, Kitchen Storage, Tableware, Kitchen Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Stationary Storage, Vases.  

• A Full-Size Master Model: Made with care and accuracy, this model represents your design intent features and details.
• Plaster Mould and final Slip Cast Product: Your final manufactured design complete with secondary materials and mould.
• Record of the Process.To capture the research, development of ideas, design & manufacturing “process” you are required to submit your design notebook or sketches and images that capture the process, the final product in context and in a neutral background once the object is fire & Glazed.
• Printed picture of the final product in context. Your final manufactured design in a specific context.

1- One week for slip casting and mould making demo’s research and idea generation
2- One week for experimental model making demo and concept development.
3- One week for design and model making.
4- One week for moulding Making and drying.
5- One week for slip casting & Assessment


This is the first project we do individually which I am very excited about. I am sure I will be somewhat satisfied with this! 

2017 was the year where I…

Here we are, a new year has started and I am looking back on 2017 with loads of memories! Thank you, for another wonderful year! Seemed like yesterday that I was home celebrating my mums 50th or even just moving in to our apartment even though that was in 2016. I am endlessly grateful to have had so many special people to share the special moments, daily highlights, and life stories with. The friendship, love, kindness, and support that I have received last year, has meant that I have dared to do much more! 

2017 was the year where I…

  • celebrated new year alone with Matt
  • had 2 foot operations
  • handed in my application to universities in the UK
  • went to Lund university and Edinburgh university to look at the courses
  • gave my sister her first tattoo - even matching
  • went to the interview at Kingston University
  • stranded in England because of a storm, ended up in Newcastle with Matt’s mum and sister
  • Got accepted to my dream BA Product & Furniture Design at Kingston University
  • met Erin for the first time and got myself a very close friend
  • worked a ton for WAWA and watched the brand grow
  • celebrated big birthdays and graduation of my sister
  • had a lot of guests and dinner dates in our home
  • spend a lot of time with my family
  • moved to England again
  • started living on my very own
  • got into a long distance relationship again
  • started university
  • got so many new friends
  • became more creative and started woking on projects
  • learned to appreciate every moment and be thankful to the people around me

I cherish each moment of last year and thank everyone for being there for me and with me! 

2018, let’s go!

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Being so fanatic and anxious about all big changes have made the idea of moving away far too much for me. So after a huge anxiety attack, I decided that I wouldn’t think of moving before it was actually relevant. I didn’t think of it being a big thing when I booked my one-way plane tickets. It was as if I had just taken a pill to prevent fear in general and the pill seems to be working still because I have not had a weeping or panic attack yet. Not even when I lost my wallet on my second day in England, which luckily appeared 2 weeks later, or when I have waved goodbye to Matt. It is as though this was just the complete right decision to make and that I have got luck with me even in my accidents.

I have always been good at building a nest. At an early age, I began to wish for things for when I once moved out. So making new base was no problem. Matt, me and my Norwegian roomie went to IKEA the day after I moved in and bought all the little things that were needed to make my otherwise colourful room neutral. White everywhere, of course! and then I decorated the room for the whole weekend, so when Matt went home I had already settled into my little new home.
Nothing in the room is allowed to be moved around and everything is screwed to either the floor or the wall. I have been one of the lucky ones in halls to have a cream coloured room, while others have blue, neon green-yellow or orange rooms. So all that had to be done was to get rid of the hideous blue flower curtains, the blue bulletin boards and the blue desk chair. I did it with white fabric, a staple and an iron.

The first day at university was like every other first day of school really. With the exception of everything was taught in English and we were called young designers instead of students. The school facilities are amazing and really also the location. 5 minutes by bike from my home and right next to a river, the mouth of the Thames. The teachers are all designers and work or have done, with their own designs besides lecturing which makes a special dynamism between us and them. The university is welcoming and helpful and you feel comfortable and at home on campus. Campus is divided into different areas, for example, my BA has an entire department for itself. Here all years are sharing the space. We are closest to the workshop with all the machines. Right now, we are sharing a studio with the 2nd year students, as the campus is being renovated, but otherwise, you are allowed everywhere. Even if you study graphic design, for example, you can always use the sewing machines the textile designers have in their studio. So everything is available to everyone and there is never a shortage of things because of it.

We are 45 people in my class, all of which have the exact same subjects and lessons. We get the same tasks and do both individual and teamwork. Some lessons are mandatory and for the rest of the time, it is self-chosen how much you will be at school as long as you meet the deadline. We have Design History every Monday from 10-12 and sketching/rendering sessions every Friday 10-14. Otherwise, we will work on the project we have been given. Our first project was to make gliders flying up to 30m. We had 1 week, in pairs, and we could only use steel wire, a soldering iron and household cling film. All the while we had our compulsory lessons. Now we are working on a new project where we will individually make a wood and MDF model of the DAB radio that one of our lecturers once designed, we have 1 month to build it. This project is for the purpose of learning the workshop and showing our properties in the final product. Even though it is individual, we are helping each other a lot!

I already have some close friends in class, but also in my roomies. Especially one I've come very close to, I have myself an extra sister in her. She bosses me around and I boss her around and she makes me feel safe. I have been so afraid to be alone without Matt but I've got her by my side here in England. I know I already have her right by my side.

I find it hard to sleep every day and in the morning I wake up sleepy and snooze my alarm 10 times or more. The Sissel I have been for so many years is not the same right now. Right now, I embrace it as it may change soon but I feel more relaxed than I did for a very long time. I have never before felt so relaxed in my everyday life and in things that happen around me.

 A kind of well-being has been created in being here and even with so many wonderful people around me.

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