Sissel Gram Warringa
London, United Kingdom

Education —

Interior Design and Decoration short course, UAL, London, UK (2014)
Carpentry Foundation (Snedker Grundforløb), KTS, Copenhagen, DK (2016)
Product & Furniture Design (BA Hons) Kingston University, London, UK (2017-2020)

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as a person i am black and white, that is to say i live by extremes and contrast. this is reflected in my design as i constantly toe the line between minimalism and exaggeration. the contrast is my kryptonite but also my strength and i use it in my endeavour to create beauty and functionality in the same product.

i take inspiration from shapes and the little details in everyday life and i aim to make these little things as aesthetically pleasing as possible. it is a way of living and to create something that in itself is functional, beautiful and tells the story of the product is essential for me. the little things in life should be celebrated and the way you interact with the products should talk to your senses and update your perspective of what good design is. whether it is a textured surface, an odd shape, or simply just an interesting design. 

in my design i want to be focused on a sustainable approach as an active choice of making consumers and makers aware and positively apart of the environmental issues our world is facing.